Organic Clothes Should Be Accompanied With a Clean Environment


So your baby has sensitive skin, and you decided to only organic will do when it comes to him! But I got news for you; it might be great that you let only organic clothes touch your baby’s skin, unfortunately, that wouldn’t be effective if his environment isn’t very clean. You might be cleaning your house every day, but sometimes you need someone to do the really heavy cleaning,  that’s where big cleaning companies like comes in!

Even with daily cleaning, there is a build-up of dust and bacteria within porous surfaces like carpets, unfortunately for you, the job is just beyond the tools at your disposal. Carpet cleaning takes a professional to truly result into a clean and sterile job. I’m using a service of the local Salt Lake City carpet cleaners  to do this kind of work for me, they’re the standard when it comes to cleaning for me, luckily enough I discovered that they also had several branches around the country after I moved due to work.

What It Could Do To Your Organic Clothes

Let’s be honest here; organic clothes are more expensive than blended and completely synthetic ones. Given that you have invested good money in buying organic clothes for you and your baby, I recommend that you do your best to maintain them. The cleaner your environment is, the less dirt and bacteria that clings to the organic material of the clothes, organic materials are often sensitive to harsh chemicals used to clean out stains and kills bacteria.

The less you use harsh chemicals on your clothes, the longer they last, and the better maintained your clothes are, the longer it will retain its hypoallergenic nature. Remember those chemicals will remain as residue on the clothes, and if it’s harsh for cotton, it is harsh on your baby’s skin.

What About the Chemicals The Carpet Cleaners Uses?

While it is true that most cleaning companies tend to use industrial grade, harsh chemicals to clean. They handle things professionally to the point that that minimal harmful agents remain, you could also inquire if they could use chemicals that are more baby safe. It’s all about research and communication when picking the right company to clean your carpet.

Other Things You Can Do

In your daily cleaning and when doing laundry, you should only choose hypoallergenic, Baby-safe cleaning agents. Things like Baby-safe Lysol and Hypoallergenic fabric conditioners are great, but if you can find better recommendations don’t forget to share it with us.

When it comes to the best for your child, you already know what to do; it is what is instinct to parents. So when something doesn’t feel right or the person you are facing doesn’t seem like a person you could trust with the safety of your child, let that be your compass on what to do. Of course, a little research pays in the long run, and studies show that people who at the very least tried for the sake of their children like for example buying books on how to raise kids or anything that concerns the well-being of your child already shows that you are a good parent.

So keep doing what you are doing, because, to your children, you are the heroes.