The Benefits of Organic Clothing and How It Helps the Environment


OrganicOrganic clothes are mainly made from organic cotton, cotton is used for a lot of things like jeans, pajamas, t-shirts, towels,mattresses, bags, pillows, various blankets, sheets, socks, pajamas and etc. A lot of things are made out of cotton. But the production of cotton are usually very harmful to the environment, the workers, and to a degree the consumers. The fact that we use things made with cotton everyday should prompt us into choosing a more environment, worker, and consumer friendly alternative.

The production of cotton uses 25% of the world total usage of pesticides; the sheer amount makes me shiver. I totally understand that we all need the cotton, and the conventional method of production is the most efficient way to produce the material needed to cover the fiber needs of the world, which is 50% cotton.

The best way to help the world change gradually to organic farming methods is by shifting to organic clothing and consumer goods made with organic materials. This will help the small companies that use organic farming and non-toxic production methods to grow slowly. The fact that people are starting to buy organic and avoid non-organic clothes and consumer products will cause the larger companies to rethink their production method to better serve the needs of the people.

The benefits of organic clothing and the use of other organic products is not just the healthier lifestyle of the consumer. Conventional farming affects a lot of people, the pesticides and chemicals use harms the workers of the companies and farms who use them. The ground water can also be contaminated when the chemicals seep through the soil and reach these underground wells and rivers.  This in turn causes the environment, many animals and non-harmful insects to be poisoned. Communities that depend on those underground sources of water as their main source of water will be affected as well.  By choosing to go organic, you support companies that do their best to keep the environment and their works healthy, while getting a healthier and better life yourself.

I can tell you a lot of things about organic clothes, like how soft they are and how they are hypoallergenic and such. But the best benefit of organic materials in general, is the positive impact it gives to our world as a whole. If you are able to, switch to organic and help sustain the people who help sustain our environment, while serving the needs of humanity.