Why Organic Clothes Are Better Than The Regular Ones


What are organic clothes? Clothes made from organic material, by organic we mean made without the use of chemicals such as pesticides or petrochemicals. These materials, often cotton, are farmed using traditional methods where everything used in its production does not harm the environment, workers, or the consumers with their toxicity. Since majority of organic clothes are made from cotton we shall concentrate on the material, it’s plant, and the process used in both organic and conventional means. We will discuss the magnitude of the use of the material, the plants uses, and the effects both organic and conventional production causes to the environment and people.

Cotton has been the main source of fiber for the worlds need at least 50% of the worlds need in fact.  Unfortunately a majority of this cotton is grown and produced in the conventional way, which involves harmful chemicals, to increase yield and pesticides to reduce loss due to crop damage cost by insects.  25% of the world’s pesticide use is from the farming of cotton. The use of these chemicals is quite concerning, due to the fact that majority of these farms are still using handpicked method when harvesting, the farmers exposure to the chemicals can lead to various diseases and birth defects. The chemicals also damage the environment when it seeps into the ground water, harming numerous animals and a wider range of people who depends on the ground water as their main source. Trace amounts of the chemicals and pesticides can remain within the products and materials produced, which potentially, in a very slow manner, affect the consumers.

Organic cotton is grown without the use of harmful chemicals, if pesticide is needed natural plant extracts are used in most organic farming. The use of natural fertilizers is also greatly encouraged.  The aim of organic farming as a whole is reduce the harm we do to the environment, our workers, and the consumers.

By purchasing and using organic clothes, you support the small companies that try to make the world cleaner, and give their workers a healthy working environment. By using organic you allow a better world to exist. Aside from the good that you do, organic clothes are also found to be more comfortable, softer to a degree, and undeniably healthier for the individual. Allow the production of organic clothes, and its materials to grow by purchasing more organic goods, and reduce the use and consumption of non-organic products.