You’re Not the Only One Who Likes Organic Clothing


Organic clothing or rather organic materials are great! They breathe and are made with materials safe and more often than not are hypoallergenic. The problem with organic material though is the fact that it is organic, they tend to either decompose or attract things that would consume it. This was somewhat designed to happen, most organic products were made so that we could reduce waste, materials that get absorbed or consumed by nature greatly helps the environment. Unfortunately when it comes to stuff that you would like to last you have to be more careful when storing them.

Last month I had to hire a Pest Control Company Malden to help me with some pest eating through some organic clothes I bought some time ago. I’m not sure if they are eating it or just nibbling for the sake of doing so, but a lot of them are pretty much just rags now. I had thought about donating them to Goodwill or something, but now I am wondering if it would be a good idea, given that I might be giving them a Trojan horse that would destroy the rest of the donations. My only advice is to keep all your organic stuff sealed air tight when in storage, it would allow it to last longer and keep pests away from it.